HTML5: The Description List

In this blogpost, I want to address the proper use of the <dl>-Tag in HTML5. <dl> indicates a description list. In the W3C documentation it says: The dl element represents a description list, which consists of zero or more term-description (name-value) groupings; each grouping associates one or more terms/names (the contents of dt elements) with […]

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Tweet Comment: Did you know, jQuery is able to…?

@prantor19 just twittered a list of useful jQuery Snippets for 2014: Rocking and Useful jQuery Code Snippets For 2014 — Arif (@prantor19) 3. März 2014 Well, I’m not to sure about some of these snippets. Sometimes, I think, you should CSS like for example: $(‘li:odd’).css(‘background-color: #000′); I just don’t get it, why you cant […]

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Hello world!

Hi, my name is David and I am working as a Freelancer for WordPress applications. Since more than a year, I am thinking of starting a blog concerning WP, HTML, Javascript and so on. And finally, I did set up my own blog. I develop WordPress Themes and Plugins and I am an Envato Author. […]

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