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March 2014

An Example of How To Remove Empty HTML Tags with PHP

In his latest blogpost Tom McFarlin gives us “An Example of How To Remove Empty HTML Tags“. Empty tags can be a real nightmare, since they can really destroy the layout of an article. Take for example empty<p>-Tags, which easliy produce huge spaces between paragraphs. There is no solution in CSS for such a problem […]

March 2014

Mobile users want to call you

I won’t start now and telling you again: Yes, the web is moving to mobile, layouts have to be responsive and so on. You know it already. What you might don’t know: Mobile users want to call you! Still, a smartphone is a phone. One of its main purposes is to gather information by calling […]

March 2014

BMI now in WordPress Repository

Just a quick update to my post “Mobile users attention: Editing blogposts from mobile can inject wrong image paths“: The plugin is now available in the WordPress Repository. You can find it here.

March 2014

Mobile users attention: Editing blogposts from mobile can inject wrong image paths

Today, I had a talk with one of my clients about quite a strange behavior of his WordPress webpage. Sometimes, he uses mobile in order to update and edit his blogposts. The strange thing. After a while, the pictures in his blogposts didn’t work anymore. What did happen? His mobile internet provider is Vodaphone, who […]

March 2014

Profi Search Form as Widget

A while ago, I uploaded my latest Plugin “Profi Search Form” to CodeCanyon. Just wanted to show the latest developments here. For the first update, I decided to deliver the search also as an widget. Till now, it is only possible to include a shortcode, in order to display the search. Now, in addition, there […]

March 2014

So Envato was down

I’ve just released my first CodeCanyon Plugin and so I am almost constantly checking on sales and new comments and what so ever. Mostly wasting time. Now on CodeCanyon. So, suddenly, I got an error page, saying, that something went wrong and the developers are informed, but I could also call the support, if its […]

WordPress Editor Styles

Well, I’ve just read this article by Tom McFarlin about the Editor Styles Feature in WordPress and I have to admit, I am a bit ashamed. Well, I’ve heard about this function, but honestly I never cared. Well, I never looked it up to see, what this function actually does. But its really amazing: Allows […]

March 2014

What happens, when a user comments?

I’ve just replied to the first comment on my blog, when I started to wonder: And does he gets now an email, which informs him about the reply. Well, I didn’t know, and so I started to dig a bit into the core. Sure, I could just test it by writing a comment and comment […]

HTML5: The Description List

In this blogpost, I want to address the proper use of the <dl>-Tag in HTML5. <dl> indicates a description list. In the W3C documentation it says: The dl element represents a description list, which consists of zero or more term-description (name-value) groupings; each grouping associates one or more terms/names (the contents of dt elements) with […]

March 2014

Tweet Comment: Did you know, jQuery is able to…?

@prantor19 just twittered a list of useful jQuery Snippets for 2014: Rocking and Useful jQuery Code Snippets For 2014 http://t.co/B3fIWpM1nO — Arif (@prantor19) 3. März 2014 Well, I’m not to sure about some of these snippets. Sometimes, I think, you should CSS like for example: $(‘li:odd’).css(‘background-color: #000′); I just don’t get it, why you cant […]