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July 2014

WordPress 4.0 is coming

Its four years ago, WordPress 3.0 had been published. In around one month WordPress 4.0 will be released. Of course, everybody is awaiting quite a huge release, since it is a point-zero-release, but: #wp 4.0 to come: but it’s just another major #release for us, like 3.9 and 4.1 http://t.co/4WKZMkSJdH #wordpress — Websupporter (@websupporter) 1. […]

July 2014

Google wants Pagespeed, but is not using browser caching for its fonts?

Since quite a while I am wondering: why is #google always preaching #pagespeed and not using #Leverage browser #caching on their included files? #fontapi pic.twitter.com/wIeUCK1MxO — Websupporter (@websupporter) 24. Juli 2014 Since the first time I was using the Google Pagespeed tools to increase pagespeed, I didn’t get it. You do everything you can to […]

July 2014

What to do about Spelling?

English is not my mother tongue, but still I want to write my blog in this language, first to train my eloquence and second to reach a wider audience. After writing some posts, I came to the idea, well maybe you should start and check your spelling. I did a quick research and came up with Respelt, an online spell checker. And, I was bummed out… Somehow it felt like back in school.

Advanced Search plugin review over at WPLift

Almost four years ago, Oliver Dale started his blog WPLift, where he writes about anything WordPress related. Since I started to work intensively with WordPress, developing plugins, themes and so on, WPLift became one of my main resources for news related to WP. And not just for me. Over 10,000 user subscribed to the newsletter […]

July 2014

Rachel Andrews: The Profitable Side Project

Well, actually I never thought, I would write something like a book review on this blog, but Rachel Andrews “The Profitable Side Project” teaches me better. Most of you probably know Rachel Andrews, since she is one of the heads behind Perch and continuously writes articles about WordPress and other webtech related stuff. “The Profitable […]

July 2014

Plugin to set video thumbnails as featured images

The guys over at Webdevstudios published quite a neat new WordPress plugin. So, if you rely heavily on Youtube or Vimeo Videos in your blogposts, until now it was quite some work to extract the thumbnail out of the video in order to set it as a featured image. The Plugin “Automatic Featured Images from […]

July 2014

Stop Shortcode from being executed

For some of my Plugins, I use a WordPress page to explain how they work. Of course, on this page, I also activate the plugin to show, what this plugin can do. But this means some trouble. Once, you want to explain the shortcode and you write the shortcode – well, the shortcode gets executed […]