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October 2014

WordPress beautiful: Get a Cleaner Plugin Installer

Some days ago I found in my Twitter timeline a small tweet by David Decker, promoting his latest plugin: the Cleaner Plugin Installer. The idea grew in my mind to write a review about this plugin, because I found this idea most exceptional. I don’t like the plugin page in WordPress very much, but I […]

October 2014

The Ultimative List of CSS Videos and Talks

CSS is the most powerful tool, when it comes to web design. And it has come a long way since it has been first released in 1996. Nowadays, with CSS3, you don’t work in a two-dimensional space anymore, but actually in a four-dimensional with z-axis and animations. Complex animations, which needed Javascript or Flash before, […]

October 2014

Thanks to the academy: My plugin got an award!

WP-Super plugins, a WordPress plugin review site, has just reviewed my Search Filter Plugin. For everyone, who doesn’t know this site: WP superplugins is dedicated to WordPress plugins. They review free and premium plugins. By now, I know a lot of plugin reviews and pages, which are doing reviews. Superplugins is quite outstanding, since they […]

October 2014

Why to escape get_permalink()?

Recently I started to create a new theme and found underscores (_S) to work with. Underscores is well-known to follow the WordPress coding standards and so I decided to use it in order to start my new theme. I stumbled over some piece of code, which was in my opinion a bit of awkward. I […]