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May 2015

wp_remote_get() vs. wp_safe_remote_get()

Due to a small Twitter discussion, which started after a tweet of Pippin I realized again, the WordPress HTTP API has “safe” functions. Some days or weeks ago I’ve heard of them already, but I didn’t check on them. The topic is the following: The functions wp_remote_post(), wp_remote_get() and wp_remote_head() do have siblings, which are […]

May 2015

Of what use is wp_is_mobile() in times of responsive web design?

Today, I want to discuss a function in WordPress which some might believe is outdated: wp_is_mobile() (to be found in wp-includes/vars.php). This function detects whether a mobile device is used or not by using the user agent of the browser. What? In times of responsive web design? Five years after Ethan Marcottes legendary article about […]

May 2015

WordPress And Backwards Compatibility

If you ask a developer why WordPress has so much more success compared to other CMS like Drupal or Joomla, one concept will pop up for sure: Backwards Compatibility. Since the beginning of WordPress, its developers focused on one issue: Not to break functionality from one version to another. One example are deprecated functions: Functions […]

May 2015

BuddyPress Desktop Notification

My latest plugin has just been released on wordpress.org: “BuddyPress Desktop Notification“. If you are running a BuddyPress community, you can use this plugin in order to display new messages, activities and friendship requests for your users. How this works? After a user logged in, the browser will ask for the permission to display desktop […]

May 2015

Four ways to hide the WordPress admin bar

If you are logged in, WordPress usually displays the admin bar on the top of your page. But there are situations, where you don’t want to display the bar. Sometimes, it is ruining your site layout or you want to hide the bar for certain groups of users. There are different ways to hide the […]

May 2015

Choose different header images on different posts

Together with the WordPress Customizer a nice feature was introduced into WordPress: The header image. If a theme supports header images with add_theme_support() you can choose an image, which will be displayed in the header. I’ve read now an interesting question in a forum: Can someone please tell me if it is possible to alter […]

May 2015

Add additional links on the plugins overview page – part 2

A few days ago I already published an article on how to add additional links on the plugins overview page. Yesterday I run again into the plugin “Cleaner Plugin Installer” and saw, David adds for his plugin also links under the plugin description: Usually you just find the version number, a link to the authors […]

May 2015

Sick of Google Analytics? Try the WordPress plugin Statify!

Still Google Analytics is the top dog when it comes to webstatistics. But there are numerous reasons, why someone doesn’t want to use Analytics. Privacy is just one issue, why people don’t want to work with Analytics no more. There are numerous alternatives out there. Today, I want to introduce you to Statify by Sergej […]

May 2015

Shorten Comment length in admin

If you are also bothered with spam comments and especially with their length, you should have a look into this small plugin by Caspar Hübinger, which shortens the length of comments on the admin page.

Add additional links on the plugins overview page

You know the usual plugin overview page. You have a small description of the plugins, the version, the author, a link to the plugins page and so on. On the left side, you will find the activation and deactivation links as well as the edit links. But from time to time, you will find plugins, […]