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Add additional links on the plugins overview page – part 2

A few days ago I already published an article on how to add additional links on the plugins overview page. Yesterday I run again into the plugin “Cleaner Plugin Installer” and saw, David adds for his plugin also links under the plugin description:

Cleaner Plugin Installer with additional links under the description
Under the description of David Deckers plugin are a lot of links.

Usually you just find the version number, a link to the authors webpage and a link to the plugins info. As you can see, the author also placed a link to the FAQ, the support and some other pages.

How did he do this? This line is filtered by plugin_row_meta. The single elements of this line are passed to filter as an array. In contrast to the filter plugin_action_links, which needs to be adjusted to the own plugin this filter is more general. This means: Since we just want to alter the line for our plugin, we have to check, if the current execution of the filter is for our plugin or for another plugin. As a second parameter the name of the plugin file is passed to the filter. So we can use plugin_basename( __FILE__ ) to check, whether our plugin line is filtered right now or another.

To add another element to this line, the code could be something like the following:

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