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May 2015

Add additional links on the plugins overview page

You know the usual plugin overview page. You have a small description of the plugins, the version, the author, a link to the plugins page and so on. On the left side, you will find the activation and deactivation links as well as the edit links. But from time to time, you will find plugins, […]

April 2015

How to create a help menu in WordPress

In this post, I want to address the question, how you can use and extend the help menu, you find in the admin dashboard of WordPress. Usually, this help menu can be found in the top right corner and it gives the user some hints and tips, how to use the current page. So, lets […]

September 2014

SSL Connection Reset By Peer in PayPal IPN

It looks like some time ago, Paypal made some changes to its Instant Payment Notification System (IPN). With IPN Paypal notifies shop systems about successful payments. In the documentation, you will find an example script, how this works. The only problem with this script is, it doesn’t work right now. You will find the reason […]

May 2014

WordPress Order by Price with two currencies

A client of mine runs a WordPress site where user can add products. The prices are stored as a postmeta value. In a second postmeta it is saved, in which currency the price is saved. So the user cann add the price as US-Dollar or Euro. The client now asked if it is possible to […]

March 2014

An Example of How To Remove Empty HTML Tags with PHP

In his latest blogpost Tom McFarlin gives us “An Example of How To Remove Empty HTML Tags“. Empty tags can be a real nightmare, since they can really destroy the layout of an article. Take for example empty<p>-Tags, which easliy produce huge spaces between paragraphs. There is no solution in CSS for such a problem […]