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July 2014

Google wants Pagespeed, but is not using browser caching for its fonts?

Since quite a while I am wondering: why is #google always preaching #pagespeed and not using #Leverage browser #caching on their included files? #fontapi pic.twitter.com/wIeUCK1MxO — Websupporter (@websupporter) 24. Juli 2014 Since the first time I was using the Google Pagespeed tools to increase pagespeed, I didn’t get it. You do everything you can to […]

March 2014

So Envato was down

I’ve just released my first CodeCanyon Plugin and so I am almost constantly checking on sales and new comments and what so ever. Mostly wasting time. Now on CodeCanyon. So, suddenly, I got an error page, saying, that something went wrong and the developers are informed, but I could also call the support, if its […]

March 2014

Tweet Comment: Did you know, jQuery is able to…?

@prantor19 just twittered a list of useful jQuery Snippets for 2014: Rocking and Useful jQuery Code Snippets For 2014 http://t.co/B3fIWpM1nO — Arif (@prantor19) 3. März 2014 Well, I’m not to sure about some of these snippets. Sometimes, I think, you should CSS like for example: $(‘li:odd’).css(‘background-color: #000′); I just don’t get it, why you cant […]