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January 2016

BuddyPress Desktop Notification 0.7 Release

Today, I am happy to announce the 0.7 release of my WordPress plugin “BuddyPress Desktop Notification“. If you do not know my plugin yet, I covered it in a small blog post here. Today I’ve (finally) read a small complain in the support forum of my plugin: Notification received excellent but repeating again and again […]

August 2015

WordPress Support Ticket

Some weeks ago, I had a small job which led me out of the WordPress cosmos. Basically I had to adjust a running webpage on which a ticket support system was included. I immediately missed a lot of the nice filters and features WordPress comes along and which are usually used by plugin and theme […]

May 2015

BuddyPress Desktop Notification

My latest plugin has just been released on wordpress.org: “BuddyPress Desktop Notification“. If you are running a BuddyPress community, you can use this plugin in order to display new messages, activities and friendship requests for your users. How this works? After a user logged in, the browser will ask for the permission to display desktop […]

May 2015

Sick of Google Analytics? Try the WordPress plugin Statify!

Still Google Analytics is the top dog when it comes to webstatistics. But there are numerous reasons, why someone doesn’t want to use Analytics. Privacy is just one issue, why people don’t want to work with Analytics no more. There are numerous alternatives out there. Today, I want to introduce you to Statify by Sergej […]

May 2015

Shorten Comment length in admin

If you are also bothered with spam comments and especially with their length, you should have a look into this small plugin by Caspar Hübinger, which shortens the length of comments on the admin page.

April 2015

Visualize your disk usage with Disk Usage Sunburst

If you have ever wondered, which of your plugins is eating all your web space, you should check it out. Disk Usage Sunburst by the German Premium WordPress Hoster Raidboxes delivers a beautiful solution to this question. Once you have installed the plugin, you can go to Tools > Disk Usage and you will find […]

March 2015

WP Slimstat security fix

On February the 24th the security blog Sucuri published a possible way for an SQL-injection using the WordPress Plugin WP Slimstat. This problem was found up to the version 3.5 of the plugin, which has over 100.000 active installations according to the WordPress repository statistics. WP Slimstat is a famous web analytics plugin for WordPress: […]

November 2014

Profisearchform 1.74 will come soon!

The next version of my plugin will be out soon. It will contain some bug fixes in the order-by-field but the most interesting changes will be for plugin developers, who want to extend the functionality of Profisearchform and deliver additional plugins: Server side As you already know, the plugin always delivers some filter hooks for […]

October 2014

WordPress beautiful: Get a Cleaner Plugin Installer

Some days ago I found in my Twitter timeline a small tweet by David Decker, promoting his latest plugin: the Cleaner Plugin Installer. The idea grew in my mind to write a review about this plugin, because I found this idea most exceptional. I don’t like the plugin page in WordPress very much, but I […]

October 2014

Thanks to the academy: My plugin got an award!

WP-Super plugins, a WordPress plugin review site, has just reviewed my Search Filter Plugin. For everyone, who doesn’t know this site: WP superplugins is dedicated to WordPress plugins. They review free and premium plugins. By now, I know a lot of plugin reviews and pages, which are doing reviews. Superplugins is quite outstanding, since they […]