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Google wants Pagespeed, but is not using browser caching for its fonts?

Since quite a while I am wondering:

Since the first time I was using the Google Pagespeed tools to increase pagespeed, I didn’t get it. You do everything you can to get the 100, but if you are using Google products like the Google Font API or Analytics, Google remains complaining:

Google suggests to optimize Google
Google suggests to optimize Google

Who gets it? Isn’t this at least awkward? Why is Google preaching pagespeed and not caching resources like the fonts, which are used widely over the Internet? Since Google fonts and scripts are used so widely over the Internet:

Wouldn’t caching the Google fonts, the Google scripts and so on not increase the Internets pagespeed all together?

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  1. You can use “Easy Fonts CDN” to fix the leverage browser caching issue.

    Here is the documentation page: https://pagecdn.com/lib/easyfonts

    Plugin is available too: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pagecdn/

    One more thing. Easy Fonts is not just a CDN for cacheable fonts. It actually makes the webfonts easier to use… in fact 2 steps easier to use.

    1. You do not need to add each and every font separately to your application. An all-in-one CSS file is also available. And with brotli-11 compression that compresses the CSS file very tight, you get a 25KB package that can load any font you want.
    2. You do not need to edit any css to use your desired font-family. Just use the css classes with your HTML. More information is available in the documentation link I shared above.

    It would be nice if you can test this with your website, and write a post about it if it worked well.


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