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Profi Search Form as Widget

Profi Search Form as Widget
Profi Search Form as Widget
A while ago, I uploaded my latest Plugin “Profi Search Form” to CodeCanyon. Just wanted to show the latest developments here.

For the first update, I decided to deliver the search also as an widget. Till now, it is only possible to include a shortcode, in order to display the search. Now, in addition, there will be also a nice widget, which can be placed into sidebars etc.

The idea behind

Configure the Widget
Configure the Widget
To create a widget, you basically operate like usually and create a search. But instead of posting a new page with the shortcode [search-form id="name_of_form"], you go to the Widget Section and Create a new Widget.

You select the Search Form, you want to use and you have to define a page, where the search results will be displayed. On this page, you will have to add the shortcode [search-form-results].

So, the widget keeps more or less the same smooth workflow in order to create a search form. The widget already runs quite nicely, but at the moment I am still catching some bugs. So stay tuned, and I hope you will like it.

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