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So Envato was down

I’ve just released my first CodeCanyon Plugin and so I am almost constantly checking on sales and new comments and what so ever. Mostly wasting time. Now on CodeCanyon. So, suddenly, I got an error page, saying, that something went wrong and the developers are informed, but I could also call the support, if its urgent. Well it wasn’t so much. The next thing that popped up was Envatos Twitter message:

And the Twitter wave started. They soon went online again, which might have been a mistake, because the database was reset to an older backup (probably) (see here) and so I’ve lost a sale. I went to the Twitter “enevato”-timeline, where @AvaThemes reported

I replied, reporting the same and instantly realizing, the comments are reset as well – and reporting.

Again, I went back on the timeline just to see how a torrent of tweets bursted. My money, my money, my money! And I started to realize how familiar I am with such an situation, just with the difference, I have just one client and not thousands. Poor guys.

@envato tried to stop that wave by posting:

But it didn’t help.

Anyway, second after second a new complain, some poor fellow had to reply constantly while more important stuff was to do probably and then Envato decided to make a clever move. Take down the site and call it “Big backend changes”, the torrent broke.

Just a Sec
Envato Downtime @ 06.03.2014

And, then, after a while: Everything set to normal. The first tweet reporting this came by Astoundify


Tea for everybody and stay tuned, the reasons for this downtime will be evaluated soon. For sure, it was not a regular downtime as you can see here:

Well, anyway: Probably by tomorrow, there will be a huge “We are sorry, guys, but”-Mail to every member of Envato. So for now:

Update 07.03.2014
There is a new forum thread, where envato explains a bit, what happend. John Viner one of the developer teams said:

John Viner
John Viner, developer at Envato

Our initial investigation has indicated that between 6:30AM and 7:00AM AEST, after the site came up from the initial downtime, some data was written to one of our non-primary databases instead of the primary database. This explains why some information such as a small number of sales, appear to be missing. Nothing is actually missing however, we have all the data. But we are now working on merging this data back into our primary database so everything aligns correctly.

So, it was not an old backup, which was enrolled, but that “some data was written to one of our non-primary databases”. As far as I understand this, the sales and comments and items during the day haven’t been stored in the correct database.

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