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Thanks to the academy: My plugin got an award!

WP-Super plugins, a WordPress plugin review site, has just reviewed my Search Filter Plugin. For everyone, who doesn’t know this site: WP superplugins is dedicated to WordPress plugins. They review free and premium plugins. By now, I know a lot of plugin reviews and pages, which are doing reviews. Superplugins is quite outstanding, since they are really into reviews and you can tell this from the quality of their reviews. So I’ve contacted them some weeks ago, to ask, whether they want to review my plugin. Carl, the author of the review agreed, although, as he wrote

I’ll be honest and say […] we thought “Not another search filter plugin”, most of them don’t work, require NASA experience to use and look just plain ugly.
Carl, WP Super Plugins

Not the best thoughts for a plugin review from my perspective and so I was more than happy, when I read the actual review today.

When I first installed the plugin I had my NASA research book at the ready and my geek cap on preparing myself for a couple of hours of research and testing. Honestly, five minutes later I was integrating search functions that I wasn’t really able to achieve on any other site. It was easy, simple and actually quite a bit of fun to set-up.
Carl, WP Super Plugins

WP Superplugins awarded my plugin with the Gold Standard Award.
WP Superplugins awarded my plugin with the Gold Standard Award.

But not only Carl wrote a very nice review about my plugin, the guys over at WP Super Plugins decided to award my plugin with their “Gold standard award” for “outstanding capabilities, development and support”! Well, what else can I see except for thanks to the academy.

So, for everyone, who wants to have a look, please read the WordPress custom search plugin review over at WP Super Plugins. Thanks again!

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