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Visualize your disk usage with Disk Usage Sunburst

If you have ever wondered, which of your plugins is eating all your web space, you should check it out. Disk Usage Sunburst by the German Premium WordPress Hoster Raidboxes delivers a beautiful solution to this question.
Once you have installed the plugin, you can go to Tools > Disk Usage and you will find an SVG graph, showing you, which directories and files need how much disk space. The size of the arcs display the size on the disk. The bigger an arc appears, the more disk space is used by this file or directory.

Disk Usage SVG
Disk Usage Sunburst displays how much disk space your installation needs

If you hover over the single arcs, you will be informed, which directory or file you are looking at. If you are on a directory you can click on it and the graph will be rendered only for this directory.

The plugin is displaying these information as a sunburst chart. Sunburst charts are used to display hierarchical data, depicted by concentric circles. The circle in the centre represents the root node, with the hierarchy moving outward from the center. So if you click for example on a directory, this directory will be in the center of the chart. all directories and files in this directory will be displayed on the next level. files of a subdirectory on the next level and so on.

With “Disk Usage Sunburst” gives you a quick and very nice insight in the disc usage of your WordPress installation. You can download it for free in the WordPress Repository.

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