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WordPress Editor Styles

Well, I’ve just read this article by Tom McFarlin about the Editor Styles Feature in WordPress and I have to admit, I am a bit ashamed. Well, I’ve heard about this function, but honestly I never cared. Well, I never looked it up to see, what this function actually does. But its really amazing:

Allows theme developers to link a custom stylesheet file to the TinyMCE visual editor

So, with this function, you are actually able to make the WYSIWYG-editor of WordPress really to an WYSIWYG-editor. Well, at least, you are able to come close to it. Well, I got used to it, but I remember myself being disappointed about the difference of the look and feel between the editor and the acutall blogpost. Thanks to Tom, I know: My fault!

And I totally agree with him, when he states:

For whatever it’s worth, this is something that I believe that premium themes should include out of the box – it’s a non-negotiable. If someone is paying for a premium-grade product, then there are certain features that should be standard for each of those features.

Good, that I don’t have any premium themes out there yet…
Thanks for this post. It was an eye opener and I will start to get a closer look to this function from tomorrow (just working on a theme for one of my clients and somehow, this means also producing premium themes).

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